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EV2 Branding Agency of Tampa has been providing effective Brand Identity for over 15 years.


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Your First Impression. That's Our Business.


A good brand identity will get you noticed. A great brand identity will get you remembered. Branding consistency is critical to the success of your business and it's much more than just a logo or visually appealing icon that shows who you are or what you do?.


There's a science to creating a strong brand identity, and we use that to develop yours. Our method of branding is simple. We adhere to the 4 basics of strong branding to create a lasting impression on your customers! After all, you do business with who stands out the most.


A successful branding agency will not only develop your brand identity, but make sure it maintains a level of consistency that causes customers to remember your slogan, jingle or mascot when they need your service!


For over 15 years we have been successfully branding Tampa businesses and managing those identities to provide positive customer experiences. Let us help you today.



Why does your brand identity matter?


Simply put, your brand identity is your image. It exemplifies what you stand for and should convey to your
customers what you are all about. That image should be based on research and is not a decision that should
be taken lightly.


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We start with concepting your ideas the old-fashioned way. We sketch, draw and mock-up ideas based on your input and take it from there. We never know where our imagination can take us so we utilize this first step to let our mind run wild and see where we end up. Any good agency should have talented individuals who can hand draw various logo design elements or various other items that will be helpful in establishing your brand identity.



How important are my colors?


Extremely! Color conveys emotion. With that being said you can make users feel different things by the use of colors within your brand identity itself. A smart branding agency knows this and will explore various color palettes for your new logo design, brand identity or brand outline.


color palette EV2 Agency



The EV2 Agency brand identity process.


We firmly believe that your brand identity is your single most important element and we take it seriously.


We explore all the options and deliver concepts that work with what your brand has to say. We explore the competition, your industry and even copy. A well developed brand identity should always incorperate a strong value proposition or tagline that supports the image.


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We deliver your proofs along with color selections outlined so that your new brand identity
is easily distiguishable. We make it easy for you to see your vision come to life. No cheap

online, mass produced logo designs that multiple others have used before are found here
at EV2 Agency.


Our Tampa branding agency develops unique, original concepts that are exclusively for you
and will not be used for others in a similar field. Period.



Style guide development. Why do I need one?


Every business should have a style guide. It's as simple as that.

Think of a style guide as a road map to your businesses brand identity. It explains how it works, how it is intended to be used, what colors are acceptable, what fonts are used and much more. Your style guide is great for ensuring any others who use your brand identity will do so correctly.


style guide tampa ev2 agency


An effective style guide outlines everything from your brands colors to it's fonts and even how a logo should be used to work correctly. We develop highly comprehensive style guides that work! Let us keep your brand intact with a properly developed style guide as part of your businesses brand identity kit.



Learn more about our process to developing a lasting brand identity now.

Color Palates

Colors speak! Selecting the best color palate for your brand identity will define who and what you are. We base color palate on emotion and feeling. Something so simple can put a customer at ease or even convey a sense of urgency. Having your customers relate in a positive manner is a key element. Let us create that emotion.

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Font Selection

Fonts have their own persona and have the ability to speak volumes. We take font selection seriously. The right font can make your brand shine and easily set you apart from the crowd. Some fonts convey a prestigious feel while others are very hip or vibrant. Let us define your brand with the right font.

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Logo Design

There's more that goes into your logo itself than just a pretty icon or symbol. We understand that. We explore your industry, the competition and what your brand really symbolizes to develop a logo that fits. Leaving a good impression from the start is your biggest asset. Let us help you make it.

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Style Guide

The grandfather of any successful brand identity, a working style guide is like a road map that defines your brand and it's uses. Consistency is everything when it comes to your brand. Placement, usage, etc are all key elements that must be maintained for your brand to work. Let us define your brand with a style guide that works!

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